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Reinvent the Wheel

Chisel down a boulder and see how far it goes! · By zilikken


Recent updates

Update 1.1.8
-Refined local leader board placeholder high scores...
2 files
Chisel down a boulder and see how far it goes!
Update 1.1.7
-Added button to reset the local leader board -Revamped leader board code for higher efficiency -Fixed some distance marker text sizes -Mammoth sounds now chang...
2 files
Update 1.1.5
Patch Notes: -Refined chiseling to bring the game back to its original feel. -Fixed placement of distance markers...
2 files
Post-Gamejam Update
Hello everyone! It is amazing to see that everyday our number of views and downloads just keeps getting bigger. The team, now called Monument Games, has been h...
That's A Wrap!
Hello everyone, I want to thank each and every one of you that viewed, played, and rated our game. We reached #2 overall! The team is in an absolute ecstatic st...
Leader board fixed!
Hey everyone. The leader board is now fixed! You can now challenge your friends to see who can chisel the better boulder. Thanks a lot for your patience. :)...
Welcome :)
Thank you for checking out our game! Our team had such a fun time participating in the game jam. We are currently having a problem with the leader board databas...

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